Sustainable Living Ideas in an Urbanized Area

With the chaotic lives that we live in highly urbanized areas and cities there is a gentle clamour for a lifestyle that is healthy and sustainable at the same time. A sustainable lifestyle is one that is sufficient and can also promote a therapeutic process for the person who commits into it.

It is not just about financial aspect about being able to save money if one does it, it is about embracing a culture of maintainable and justifiable healthy lifestyle even if one is living in a highly urbanized area, which at first glance seems difficult or impossible. So here are some of the best sustainable living ideas in an urbanized area.

Sustainable Transport System

Urban areas and metropolitan level cities are known for their widely complex and busy transportation system, so many opt to buy a car instead of riding the train or the subway to go to work or some even buy motorcycles as a means of transportation.

All of these are good but in the long run it wouldn’t be sustained because of the fossil fuel used as a means for transport. A bicycle is one of the best examples of a sustainable transport system, because aside from being healthy for the person, it also provides an alternative option not to use a valuable resource such as fuel, but rather uses manual labour and mere strength to travel, which is good.

Community Gardens

Community garden are not only great in terms of the produce that one can have, but it also caters a sense of cooperation and community to those who are involved in it. Community gardens are sustainable and are highly needed especially during the times when one cannot go to the grocery to buy vegetables.

The plants also help in terms of clearing pollution and help in the fast rate of transfer of carbon dioxide to oxygen. With numerous parks, community gardens, and various carbon offset providers, urban communities can effectively battle air pollution and the deterioration of air quality in a certain area.

Vertical Vegetation

For smaller area many cities build infrastructures vertically in an attempt to create more living spaces for the influx of people in the city area. In such cases vertical vegetation is quite applicable and helpful in terms of creating an environmentally friendly atmosphere and also promoting healthy lifestyle through gardening even in high rise buildings and condominiums. Vertical vegetation is a trend in urban cities in countries with small land areas such as Singapore and Israel. 

Alternative Energy

Another idea in terms of sustainable living is adopting alternative energy. Even without the warning of a failing or depleting energy levels, people should adopt the mechanisms of alternative energy so that they can help in terms of reducing the energy computation of a certain area.

A good example of such is charging of gadgets and phones through solar powered panels rather than from the main power outlet, this might seem trivial and minimal but the accumulated energy saved in annual rate are significant and it can also help one to save more money rather than pay high amounts in electricity bills.

In a time where there is a knowledge of limited resources such as fuel and energy, it pays to do one’s part in helping preserve the world we are living in.


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