Should you always deal with your tenants directly? – a comprehensive review

It is quite rare to come across tenant who would never ever delay the payments, ensure that the property is safe, and you already know the list of expectations from the landlord’s end. Even if you had the chance, it is the typical direct interpersonal relationships with the tenants that sabotage the long-term stability, no matter how you look at it.

At the first glance, the question may seem too shallow, but as we go deeper, you would see how this detachment helps you for a better governance.

  • How free are you?

The truth about the modern corporate society is that, everyone is busy; it doesn’t matter whether you were at the top or the bottom, the contribution is required almost all the time. Amidst of all of this, imagine having a renting out property and tenants to take care of – wouldn’t this be a nuisance? Despite how urgent it maybe, it would consume your free time, that too, if you had any. So, you should take a moment and reevaluate how available you are.

  • Are they always so friendly?

Putting it out directly, most are not. When you are dealing with these same kinds of people, since you, as the landlord, is entitled for payments, it just won’t go down a friendlier road. When you are dealing with them for all kinds of purposes such as collecting the rents, reconnaissance for repair works requisitions and so on, there is a higher chance for you not to be so much welcomed; it’s a responsibility that you both cannot skip, but sure is a need to be fulfilled.

  • What if there is a solution?

There is a perfect solution; if you consulted any of the reliable local estate agents you would be further convinced and reasoned on how important it is to hire an agency to take care of your property where they act on behalf of the landlord. There are many reasons as to why this would ensure that you no longer will have to worry about the big picture.

For an example, an agency is a professional body – they cannot be manipulated or verbally reasoned when payments are overly delayed and on such similar situations. On the flip side, there would be no need of acquiring permission to access your own property to inspect whether it is being misused, or being damaged, or been needing repair works, when the tenants are approached professionally; the whole process is fool proof and that’s why you should go for a property agency.

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